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Launch your own Webhosting Service

With Ploi Core, you'll power-launch your webhosting company.

Using the system as a backbone, you'll be able to serve your customers with a custom panel & branding.

Ploi Core Screenshot

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Launch your own fully customizable webhosting panel with the system as backbone.

Customer Management

You have full control over your customers, assign them with a number of websites, or even full server space - as administrator you decide.


Ploi Core comes with an automatic updating system, your panel will always be able to run the latest version as we do updates.

Whitelabel Branding

Ploi Core is completely white labeled, which means you can serve your own personal branding for your customers.

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If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

Ploi Core Panel

Power-launch your webhosting company by using Ploi as a backbone for your customers' websites. Completely customizable, self-hosted and white labeled.

What's included

  • Ploi Core Panel Software

  • White Labeling & Branding Features

  • Easy Installation

  • GDPR-Compliant

  • Ploi Unlimited Subscription

  • Multi-Language

  • Dark Mode

  • And much more..

Introduction price

$349 /m
$299 /m

License per company

Frequently asked questions

When is the release?

The first release for the Ploi Core whitelabel panel is scheduled for around August 20th.

How do I get access?

You will receive an invite to the GitHub repository where you have the ability to clone the application to your server & install it.

You are also able to send in issues & PRs there to improve the Ploi Core Panel.

Is Ploi Core GDPR-compliant?

Yes, because you're responsible for hosting the panel. You keep the data. will never know how many customers you have, or any sensitive information about them.

Do I need a Ploi subscription as well?

No, Ploi Core's subscription comes with an Unlimited subscription for Ploi. If you already had a subscription with Ploi and start a Ploi Core subscription, the previous one will be canceled.

How do I get updates?

The software comes with automatic updates. You are able to see the current version and newer available versions and updates right away.

How many customers can I have?

Unlimited! There is no limit in the software; you're hosting all the data yourself. So the limit is up to you.

How do I host this panel?

Ploi Core is a type of software you'll need to host yourself. Of course, you can easily use a Ploi-provisioned server to set this up. For more about software requirements have a look at the documentation.

Will this completely replace DirectAdmin/CPanel/Plesk/..etc?

In short: yes, it will. However, Ploi Core does not come with any emailing software installed. Emailing will have to be done somewhere else (e.g. separate email server). Also, Ploi Core does not install a DNS server. However Ploi Core does offer a fantastic Cloudflare DNS integration.

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